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[audio]astral manipulations
astral manipulations
Keywords: astral manipulations
Downloads: 95
[texts]Munroe's philosophy of cure : originated at Chelsea, Mass., in the year 1856 - Munroe, William Henry
Keywords: Musculoskeletal Manipulations
Downloads: 5
[audio]IUMA: Manipulations Of Mentality
Murderous Started Writing Lyrics At 12 Years Of Age, Took On Rappin' At 16 Under The Name Playa With His Best Friend, DJ. Wiced In Erie, PA Forming Oldschool Style Group Called Tha Darkside, Moving On To Recruit Others (Zig-Zag & O-Zone) Who Recorded Many Tracks For Tha Darkside, Moving On, Playa Landed In Kentucky, 25 Years Old Now, Changing His Musical Style Under The Identity, Murderous Mindstate, And Added 19 Year Old Younger Brother, Lil' Nug, Creating The Newschool Styles of Manipulations ...
Keywords: Manipulations Of Mentality
Downloads: 18
[audio]Zn'shñ : On monoxide & onyx synchronism (mini-EP) (ca161) - Zn'shñ
Invented and defined by Smith, the term Zn'shñ signifies: the gleam of dark colours [especially those of nocturnal liquids and polished stones]. Deliberately antithetic and intentionally enigmatic, Zn'shñ is also basically enthused by Butoh iconography, Japanese Gagaku aesthetic and Tibetan rituals codification. Performed by Franck Smith : electronic manipulations & digital percussive devices Recorded June 2008 in Paris (no overdubs) Total Playing — 09:28 * Version for free downloads, no com...
Keywords: electronic; manipulations; other
Downloads: 7,047
[movies]Les Manipulations de Fox News
Reportage nous montrant comment les médias sont manipulés et à la solde du pouvoir, en prenant comme exemple la chaine américaine "Fox News". Site Officiel (Anglais): http://www.outfoxed.org/ Liens: Documentaires de Pierre Carles sur la Télévision Michael Moore: Polemique System
Keywords: fox; news; manipulations; conspiration; media
Downloads: 147
[audio]uveaele - o forno das formulacions [alg014] - uveaele
catro improvisacions sobre un rexistro sonoro dentro da capela soterrada de santa mariña de augas santas, chamada "O forno" no concello de allariz, en ourense. esta é a primeira parte do traballo. four improvisations of a field recording into the santa mariña de augas santas underground chapell, "O forno" in allariz ( ourense-galicia )
Keywords: non-instrument audio; sound manipulations
Downloads: 2,743
[movies]Michael Moore: Polemique System
Reportage sur le "documentariste" Michael Moore, et surtout les montages et mensonges relevés dans ses "films-documentaires". Liens: Les Manipulations de Fox News Les Documentaires de Pierre Carles sur la Télévision
Keywords: Michael Moore; Mensonges; Manipulations; Etats Unis; Propagande
Downloads: 2,494
[audio]H Stewart - Letters to Kansas City (ca278) - H Stewart
"We haven’t much in life, yet we have so much. It is strange how important the small things become. Letters to Kansas City is an ode to H Stewart’s hometown. The songs are written about Kansas City’s neighborhoods, their moods and memories according to H Stewart. The songs were made with a cheap Casio, a used microphone, and a laptop which houses odd programs for sound manipulations. Those things coupled with the memory of home H Stewart create a voiceless album drawing on how little and h...
Keywords: experimental; ambient; lo-fi; sound manipulations; other
Downloads: 31,457
[audio]Avionix Sound Design Showcase OCT05 - Avionix
Avionix Present a Collection showcasing their current Sound Design + Score work for Comunity Based HL2 Conversion : Project Hullbreach. www.hull-breach.com The Collection includes a Demonstration by Dead_Soul_Systems which shows how the in game atmospherics and Textures will fit together and also an Audio Test to show how the In Game SFX, Weapons etc are working so far.
Keywords: Soundscape; IDM; Ambient; Soundtrack; Atmoshperic; sound manipulations
Downloads: 886
[texts]autonetics :: recomp :: software :: Recomp Users Library :: 1143 Recomp Algebraic Translator RAT I Nov62
From the bitsavers.org collection, a scanned-in computer-related document.autonetics :: recomp :: software :: Recomp Users Library :: 1143 Recomp Algebraic Translator RAT I Nov62
Keywords: program; rat; recomp; algebraic; slide; autonetics; printout; type; manipulations; operating
Downloads: 25
[audio][TFN075] Fbrz + Astral Vomit - Split - Fbrz + Astral Vomit
Artist: Fbrz + Astral Vomit Album: Split Year: 2008 CAT#: TFN075 Style: Harshnoise Tracks: 01. Fbrz - untitled 02. Fbrz - untitled2 03. Fbrz - untitled3 04. Fbrz - untitled4 05. Astral Vomit - untitled5 http://myspace.com/trashfucknet http://last.fm/label/TRASHFUCK+NET http://last.fm/music/Fbrz http://last.fm/music/Astral+Vomit http://www.myspace.com/fbrz031 http://www.myspace.com/astralvomit
Keywords: harshnoise; noise; power electronics; noisecore; electronic manipulations; live electronics
Downloads: 972
[audio][TFN294] AxBxNx - Where's Waldo The Nudist - AxBxNx
Artist: AxBxNx Album: Where's Waldo The Nudist Year: 2009 CAT#: TFN294 Style: Experimental Electronics, Noisecore, Cybergrind, Midi-Manipulations Tracks: 01. Extreme Anal Belch Terror - 25 Trax 02. Abwasserleitungsorganismus Im Nierengewebe NOTES: All trax were made 3. - 5. July 2009 by manipulating of "Super Mario All-Stars" Midis SONGLIST: 01. Analy Bonus For Toilet Brothers 02. Angry Kind Of Shitholes (Mr...
Keywords: Experimental Electronics; Noisecore; Cybergrind; Midi-Manipulations; netlabels; TRASHFUCK NET; AxBxNx
Downloads: 1,651
[audio]Impulsantwort + Pharmakustik - Antinomie (ca284) - Impulsantwort + Pharmakustik
ANTINOMIE, the newest aural investigation by IMPULSANTWORT + PHARMAKUSTIK from Germany contains seven powerful circles of abandoned ambiences full of contradictory particles within the microorganic complexity. The involvement of granularly shredded machine-propulsions combined with thermonuclear freezing and the final analogue screams from the subterranean draught makes ANTINOMIE an outstanding result of thesis and antithesis...
Keywords: electronic; experimental; dark ambient; drone; sound manipulations; other
Downloads: 26,311
[texts]3. Humanities Ethnic A. T. M. Abdullahel Shafi - A. T. M. Abdullahel Shafi & Md. Harun-Or-Rashid
Ethnic conflict is one of the biggest problems in the modern era. The ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka showed a new dimension of conflicts that crippled the whole nation for a long time. The aim of this article is to explore the core problems of the ethnic conflicts in Sri Lanka. The first part of this article deal with the definitional terms and the causes and consequences of ethnic conflicts. The second part explored the pre-colonial conflict situations as well as the colonial period...
Keywords: Ethnic Conflicts; Manipulations and Politicization of Ethnicity; Democratic Politics and Ethnicity; Regional Politics and Ethnicity
Downloads: 27
[audio][TFN078] Noise Nazi - Collapsing Corridors (Redubbed Xtra Tracks) - Noise Nazi
Artist: Noise Nazi Album: Collapsing Corridors (Redubbed Xtra Tracks) Year: 2008 CAT#: TFN078 Style: Harshnoise, Live Electronics Tracks: 01. Introduction 02. Collapsing Corridors Part 1 03. No One Hears 04. No One Sees 05. No One Speaks 06. No One Feels 07. No One Will 08. Collapsing Corridors Part 2 http://myspace.com/trashfucknet http://last.fm/label/TRASHFUCK+NET http://last.fm/music/Noise+Nazi http://myspace.com/noysenazee
Keywords: Harshnoise; Live Electronics; Power Electronics; Electronic Manipulations; Noise; Terror; Freeform; Martial Music; Industrial; Experimental
Downloads: 1,385
[audio]123 / Katarrhaktes - EVERYTHING TASTES LIKE BLOOD - Katarrhaktes
Teetering on the edge of dissonance, Katarrhaktes summons two disquieting tracks from beyond the pale. Woven from manipulated acoustic instruments, these bleak explorations into the medium stumble between percussive groove and unsettling tension.
Keywords: Katarrhaktes; Fwonk*; Netlabel; Netaudio; Glitch; Drone; Ambient; Industrial; Sample; Acoustic Manipulations
Downloads: 174
[audio]Kid Feardive - Kid Feardive
The third part of our week of FWONK*100 celebrations presents a series of experimental audio manipulations of organic, acoustic improvisations. Kid Feardive - aka Cagey House - brilliant weaves his own acoustic recordings of pianos, banjos and more into a stunning sonic collage.
Keywords: mp3; audio; flac; Cagey House; Kid Feardive; experimental; acoustic manipulations; avant-garde
Downloads: 99
[audio]149 / Cuckoo Spit - Scarlet Tina - Cuckoo Spit
With sweaty palms and a lump in your throat, you knock on her door. She's beautiful. The curtains are drawn and the scent of perfumed candles is heavy in the air. You prepare yourself for the most perfect romantic evening with the girl of your dreams. Stare into each others eyes, tie each other up - but wait. This was supposed to be a home-cooked meal. Where's the food? With a surge of panic as she tightens the final knot, you catch a flash of metal from the corner of your eye...
Keywords: Cuckoo Spit; experimental; a cappella; vocal; vocal manipulations; glitch; breakcore; noise; ambient; Fwonk*; netlabel
Downloads: 46
[texts]Joypad Magazine (French) Issue 075

Keywords: les; des; vous; pour; sur; une; est; dans; pas; tous les; faites pause; pause puis; dans les; les manipulations; manipulations suivantes; des jeux; une fois; pour les; jeu est
Downloads: 201
[texts]dec :: tech reports :: CRL-91-2
From the bitsavers.org collection, a scanned-in computer-related document.dec :: tech reports :: CRL-91-2
Keywords: data; color; vdi; array; display; image; programmer; arrays; figure; values; data selection; contained feature; control data; color image; selection manipulations; manipulations display; display style; printed numbers; data manipulation; application program
[audio]Banabila & The Rotterdam Improvisation Pool : PHONEMA - 2003 - Michel Banabila
Project for voice improvisations and sampler. http://r-ip.nl/phonema.html
Keywords: Banabila; Phonema; R-IP; Rotterdamse Improvisatie Poel; Voices; Voice; Sampler; ASR10; Voice collage; Voice editing; Voice manipulations
Downloads: 229
[audio][TFN122] Noise Nazi - [] [][][][] [][] [][][][] [][][][] [][][][][][][][] EP - Noise Nazi
Artist: Noise Nazi Album: [] [][][][] [][] [][][][] [][][][] [][][][][][][][] EP Year: 2008 CAT#: TFN122 Style: Harshnoise, Live Electronics, Power Electronics Tracks: 01. Rapid Growth Rates 02. Walking Around With Undiagnosed Diseases 03. Empty Around Four Walls 04. Nothing Going On Today http://myspace.com/trashfucknet http://last.fm/label/TRASHFUCK+NET http://last.fm/music/Noise+Nazi http://myspace.com/noysenazee
Keywords: Harshnoise; Live Electronics; Power Electronics; Industrial; Experimental Audio Manipulations; Noise; netlabels; TRASHFUCK NET; Noise Nazi; at the end of the ropes
Downloads: 1,785
[audio]Dental Work - Mental Spaghetti! - Jay Watson/Placenta Recordings
Dental Work - Mental Spaghetti Placenta Recordings 2010 "Mental Spaghetti!" is a 2 disc collection of Dental Work classics, circa 2006-early 2010. This was originally released on Placenta Recordings in 2010 in a limited edition of 100 double disc albums, w/ full color 11x17 double sided artwork by Jay Watson in a spray paint splattered clear slim dvd case on plain white CD-R with a B & W cat stamp! The album has been out of print since mid 2010, and I figured I should put it out as a free downlo...
Keywords: Dental Work; Placenta Recordings; Mental Spaghetti!; Musique Concrete; Extreme Psychedelic; Anxiety; Experimental; Harsh Noise; Mental Microwave/Dish Washer/Laundryhazmat Hyphy Gorgonzola Clitorus Booster Shot Tunes; Hallucinogenic 8-Bit/16-Bit/Chip; Improv; Post-Breakcore; Post-Industrial; Power Electronics; IDM; Ghettotech; Tape Manipulations; Glitch; DIY Punk; Cut-Up Audio Nightmare Recreations; Supernatural AM Radio Transmissions; Grindcore; Drum And Bass On Methamphetamine; Ketamine Drone; Lysergic Turntable-ism; maximum discomfort and anxiety; spiritual de-pantsing; rigorous mental questioning; forbidden pre-teen fascinations; ebony pornography obsessions; authentic mexican restaurant addictions; duct tape/broken vhs tape mutilation; frantic blow-up doll destruction; unneccesary panic; heart attack speed turntable thrust; rusty knife weilding eccentric masturbation; LSD laced childhood flashbacks; supernatural OUIJA freakouts; Shamanistic Ketamine Blackouts; Bukakke
Downloads: 139 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]Title 7 - United States Code - U.S.C. -- 2011 - Title 7 - - AGRICULTURE - Congress;
Title 7 - United States Code - 2011 - Title 7 - - AGRICULTURE Title 7 - AGRICULTURE Sections 1 - 8922. 7 U.S.C. - AGRICULTURE United States Code, Supplement 5, Title 7 - AGRICULTURE Category Bills and Statutes United States Code Contains Sections 1 to 8922 Date 2011 Laws in Effect as of Date January 3, 2012 Positive Law No Title 7 - AGRICULTURE Sections 1 - 8922. CHAPTER 1 - COMMODITY EXCHANGES (sections 1 - 27f) Table Of Contents Sec...
Keywords: 8922; 7 U.S.C. – AGRICULTURE; United States Code, 2006; 2011; Edition, Supplement 5, Title 7 – AGRICULTURE; Category Bills and Statutes; United States Code; COMMODITY EXCHANGES; Requirements of Secretary of the Treasury regarding exemption of foreign exchange swaps; Jurisdiction of Commission; liability of principal for act of agent; Commodity Futures Trading; Transferred; Findings and purpose; Regulation of futures trading and foreign transactions; Excessive speculation; Contracts designed to defraud or mislead; Enforcement authority; Prohibited transactions; Dealing by unregistered futures commission merchants or introducing brokers prohibited; Dealings by unregistered floor trader or broker prohibited; Registration and financial requirements; risk assessment; Reporting and recordkeeping; False self-representation as registered entity member prohibited; Reports of deals equal to or in excess of trading limits; books and records; cash and controlled; Restrictions on dual trading in security futures products on designated contract markets; NAIS; N.A.I.S; National Animal Identification System; Dna; genome; genomics; animal passport; rna; codex alimentarius; W.H.O; animal husbandry; nazi health code; Health Organization; alimentarius; Human Animal; DNA extraction; recombinant dna; cross-species; species barrier; mendell; Registration of associates of futures commission merchants, commodity pool operators; Commodity trading advisors and commodity pool operators; Congressional finding; Use of mails or other means or instrumentalities of interstate commerce by commodity trading; Registration of commodity trading advisors and commodity pool operators; application; expiration; Fraud and misrepresentation by commodity trading advisors, commodity pool operators; merchants of grain; farmer rights waiver; intrastate agreements; interstate agreements; cross jurisdiction; cargill; monsanto; monsantto; conagra; Special procedures to encourage and facilitate bona fide hedging by agricultural producers; Reporting and recordkeeping for uncleared swaps; Registration and regulation of swap dealers and major swap participants; Large swap trader reporting; Designation of boards of trade as contract markets; Derivatives clearing organizations; Common provisions applicable to registered entities; Repealed. Pub. L. 111-203, title VII, §734(a), July 21, 2010, 124 Stat. 1718; Suspension or revocation of designation as registered entity; Designation of securities exchanges and associations as contract markets; Swap execution facilities; Application for designation as contract market or derivatives transaction execution facility; Prohibition regarding manipulation; Assessment of money penalties; Rules prohibiting deceptive and other abusive telemarketing acts or practices; Notice of investigations and enforcement actions; Repealed. June 25, 1948, ch. 646, §39, 62 Stat. 992, eff. Sept. 1, 1948; Cooperative associations and corporations, exclusion from board of trade; rules of board; Vacation on request of designation or registration; Public disclosure; Registration of commodity dealers and associated persons; regulation of registered entities; Trading ban violations; prohibition; Disciplinary actions; Commission action for noncompliance with export sales reporting requirements; Violations generally; punishment; costs of prosecution; Violations, prohibition against dealings in motion picture box office receipts or onion futures; Nonenforcement of rules of government or other violations; cease and desist orders; Enjoining or restraining violations; Jurisdiction of States; Manipulations or other violations; cease and desist orders against persons other than registered; Responsibility as principal; minor violations; Cotton ftures contracts; Commission operations; Service fees and National Futures Association study; Separability; Separability of 1936 amendment; Separability of 1968 amendment; Complaints against registered persons; Consideration of costs and benefits and antitrust laws; Market reports; Registered futures associations; Research and information programs; reports to Congress; Standardized contracts for certain commodities; Customer property with respect to commodity broker debtors; definitions; Swap data repositories; Private right of action; Commodity whistleblower incentives and protection; Exclusion of identified banking product; Administration of the predominance test; COTTON STANDARDS; GRAIN STANDARDS; INSECTICIDES AND ENVIRONMENTAL PESTICIDE CONTROL; NATIONAL LABORATORY ACCREDITATION; INSECT PESTS GENERALLY; GOLDEN NEMATODE; PLANT PESTS; NURSERY STOCK AND OTHER PLANTS AND PLANT PRODUCTS; RUBBER AND OTHER CRITICAL AGRICULTURAL MATERIALS; ASSOCIATIONS OF AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS PRODUCERS; AGRICULTURAL AND MECHANICAL COLLEGES; AGRICULTURAL EXPERIMENT STATIONS; BUREAU OF ANIMAL INDUSTRY; BUREAU OF DAIRY INDUSTRY; COTTON STATISTICS AND ESTIMATES; DUMPING OR DESTRUCTION OF INTERSTATE PRODUCE; PERISHABLE AGRICULTURAL COMMODITIES; TOBACCO STATISTICS; TOBACCO INSPECTION; TOBACCO CONTROL; TOBACCO REFORM; AGRICULTURAL MARKETING; CHAPTER 23 - FOREIGN AGRICULTURAL SERVICE; PERISHABLE AGRICULTURAL COMMODITIES; SOYLENT GREEN; EXPORT STANDARDS FOR APPLES; EXPORT STANDARDS FOR GRAPES AND PLUMS; AGRICULTURAL ADJUSTMENT; AGRICULTURAL MARKETING AGREEMENTS; COTTON MARKETING; TOBACCO INDUSTRY; POTATO ACT OF 1935; RURAL ELECTRIFICATION AND TELEPHONE SERVICE; TELEMEDICINE AND DISTANCE LEARNING SERVICES IN RURAL AREAS; PEANUT STATISTICS; FARM TENANCY; SUGAR PRODUCTION AND CONTROL; AGRICULTURAL ADJUSTMENT ACT OF 1938; PRICE SUPPORT OF AGRICULTURAL COMMODITIES; CROP INSURANCE; SEEDS; DISTRIBUTION AND MARKETING OF AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS; STABILIZATION OF INTERNATIONAL WHEAT MARKET; HALOGETON GLOMERATUS CONTROL; FOOD FOR PEACE; AGRICULTURAL COMMODITY SET-ASIDE; FOREIGN MARKET DEVELOPMENT; WOOL PROGRAM; SOIL BANK PROGRAM; SURPLUS DISPOSAL OF AGRICULTURAL COMMODITIES; INTERCHANGE OF DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE AND STATE EMPLOYEES; LIVESTOCK; CONSULTATION ON AGRICULTURAL PROGRAMS; AGRICULTURAL CREDIT; ALIMENTARIUS; SUPPLEMENTAL NUTRITION ASSISTANCE PROGRAM; FARM LABOR CONTRACTOR REGISTRATION; COTTON RESEARCH; TRANSPORTATION, SALE, AND HANDLING OF CERTAIN ANIMALS; DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE; DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE ADVISORY COMMITTEES; UNFAIR TRADE PRACTICES AFFECTING PRODUCERS OF AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS; PLANT VARIETY PROTECTION; POTATO RESEARCH AND PROMOTION; RURAL FIRE PROTECTION, DEVELOPMENT, AND SMALL FARM RESEARCH AND EDUCATION; EGG RESEARCH AND CONSUMER INFORMATION; NOXIOUS WEEDS; BEEF RESEARCH AND INFORMATION; FARMER-TO-CONSUMER DIRECT MARKETING; AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH; WHEAT AND WHEAT FOODS; AGRICULTURAL FOREIGN INVESTMENT DISCLOSURE; IMPLEMENTATION OF INTERNATIONAL SUGAR AGREEMENT, 1977; AGRICULTURAL SUBTERMINAL FACILITIES; SWINE HEALTH PROTECTION; ANIMAL CANCER; AGRICULTURAL TRADE SUSPENSION ADJUSTMENT; NATIONAL AGRICULTURAL COST OF PRODUCTION STANDARDS REVIEW BOARD; FARMLAND PROTECTION POLICY; FLORAL RESEARCH AND CONSUMER INFORMATION; INTERNATIONAL CARRIAGE OF PERISHABLE FOODSTUFFS; DAIRY RESEARCH AND PROMOTION; HONEY RESEARCH, PROMOTION, AND CONSUMER INFORMATION; ROD CLASS; JEANETTE; AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTIVITY RESEARCH; PORK PROMOTION, RESEARCH, AND CONSUMER INFORMATION; WATERMELON RESEARCH AND PROMOTION; NATIONAL COMMISSION ON AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT POLICY; TALKSHOE; STATE AGRICULTURAL LOAN MEDIATION PROGRAMS; AGRICULTURAL COMPETITIVENESS AND TRADE; NATIONAL NUTRITION MONITORING; MARIA JANET; ADMINISTRATION OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRAMS; POPULATION: WATER QUALITY RESEARCH, EDUCATION, AND COORDINATION; PECAN PROMOTION AND RESEARCH; MUSHROOM PROMOTION, RESEARCH, AND CONSUMER INFORMATION; LIME PROMOTION, RESEARCH, AND CONSUMER INFORMATION; SOYBEAN PROMOTION, RESEARCH, AND CONSUMER INFORMATION; PROCESSOR-FUNDED MILK PROMOTION PROGRAM; ORGANIC CERTIFICATION; ANGELA; RURAL REVITALIZATION THROUGH FORESTRY; GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE; FRESH CUT FLOWERS AND FRESH CUT GREENS PROMOTION; DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE REORGANIZATION; SHEEP PROMOTION, RESEARCH, AND INFORMATION; STARK; AGRICULTURAL MARKET TRANSITION; AGRICULTURAL PROMOTION; EMERGENCY FOOD ASSISTANCE; AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH, EXTENSION, AND EDUCATION REFORM; PLANT PROTECTION; HASS AVOCADO PROMOTION, RESEARCH, AND INFORMATION; COMMODITY PROGRAMS; RENEWABLE ENERGY RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT; TREE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM; ANIMAL HEALTH PROTECTION; BROWN TREE SNAKE CONTROL AND ERADICATION; BIOMASS RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT; AGRICULTURAL COMMODITY SUPPORT PROGRAMS; Legislative History; International Food Control; International Food Security; AGRICULTURAL SECURITY
Downloads: 42
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